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I. Gun Repair Parts for Iver Johnson Guns, Many Obsolete Parts that hve not been available in many Years. #Next Step "Today, if you do not want to disappoint, Check price before the Price Up. Lever to open, extractor. The serial number is 2884XX . 22 cal. Aug 18, 2013 · Iver Johnson M2 - posted in The M1/M2 Carbine Message Board: I have and Iver johnson M2, an orginal gun. 93 PAT'S PENDING The checkered Walnut grips show lots of wear, especially the one on the obverse so this was carried by a right handed person. The action works properly, including the ejector. with a serial number FG087xx. Sep 18, 2018 · - Serial numbers by year large frame Hammer & Hammerless - Serial numbers by year small frame Hammer & Hammerless - Serial number location - Address and patent markings location - Address and patent changes Safety automatic revolvers of the third model - Upgrade to smokeless powder - Most visible changes - Mechanical changes - Serial numbers by Presidential assassin Leon Czolgosz shot and wounded U. No. 22 rimfires produced in three production stages between 1932 and 1958. Messages: 104. J. Iver Johnson died in 1895, and his sons took over the business. Lots of blue. A: Your Iver Johnson single-barrel shotgun was made between 1891 and 1919. One of the guys on the Johnson forum has a list of the non-prefix serial number guns. Nov 21, 2013 · Only 450 of these case sets were manufactured, all the revolvers are serial numbered the same except for the letter code identifying the model: Model 50 Sidewinder E letter code Model 55A Target H letter code Model 57A Target J letter code Model 67 Viking A letter code Serial number started at one and went to 450. 593-A . 22, . Total production from 1894 to 1896 was 250000 guns. Check out our lines of 1911 pistols, shotguns, grips, mags, holsters, conversion kits, soft cases, butt plates, handguards, and more. 17, 1908 Iver Johnson Arms and Cycle Works Fitchburg, Mass. Rockledge, FL 32955 321-636-3377 Check out our lines of 1911 pistols, shotguns, grips, mags, holsters, conversion kits, soft cases, butt plates, handguards, and more. I am not sure if its . On the top of the barrel rib there is a serial number, which usually doesn’t begins with a letter code but sometimes does. The extractor is the same as the early version as well as the trigger bar and the rear sight. 32 caliber Safety Automatic revolver (serial number 463344 ). Your Price: $546. Iver Johnson Serial You will not regret if check price. 30 Caliber Carbines)(1978-3,080)(1979-9,590)(1980-13,768)(1981-10,764)(1982-5,193)(1983-2,874) Iver Johnson Arms and Cycle Works Middlesex, NJ * Total Rifle Production 1978-1983 *45,269 Note: The only rifles manufactured by Plainfield Machine 1975-1978 and Iver Johnson 1978-1983 were THEIR Iver Johnson; Krags and Trapdoors; Lancaster, Charles; Lancaster, Charles (London) 1826-1901; Lang; Lefever; Lefever Sideloack Shotguns 1913 & Later (not serial numbers) Lefever Sideloack Shotguns before 1913 (not serial numbers) LC Smith & Hunter Arms Co. Buy Online keeping the vehicle safe transaction. Iver Johnson, 6 shot . Browse the largest selection of Iver Johnson online from the #1 online firearms retailer. It has the double top latch, serial number prefix of "C" and the owl on the grips is looking at the barrel. It is an Iver Johnsons Arms hammerless top break. Butt plate: Picture of owl Pistol grip cap: Iver Johnson Two triggers Checkered stock Serial number: 905E Patented March 16, 1915 April 27, 1915 IVER JOHNSON HAMMERLESS HERCULES GRADE-----1924-1935* Oct 27, 2019 · Top Break Revolver Barrel Latches of Iver Johnson’s Arms & Cycle Works, 15. there have been several posts here and on other forums as to what these letters mean. Colt MK IV Series 80 Government Model . On top of the barrel it's stamped: What looks like was a square, IVER JOHNSONS ARMS & CYCLE WORKS with maybe a circle with an X in it or possibly an owl stamped at the end. DEC. S. Some were single-shot, while others possessed six- or seven-shot capacity, and at least one revolver utilized two cylinders which yielded a total of 14 shots. Guns Grades, Symbols & Serials before 1950; Luger P-08 9MM Pistol Markings Iver Johnson has been making revolvers since 1871. How to look up the serial number for an Iver Johnson shotgun. 57 Iver Johnson Arms and Cycle Works Fitchburg, Mass. Jul 02, 2009 · Iver Johnson IXL Navy Revolver NEXT STEP: Download Your Free Storm Tactical Printable Target Pack 62 Printable MOA Targets with DOT Drills - Rifle Range in YARDS This impressive target pack from our friends at Storm Tactical contains 62 printable targets for rifle and handgun range use. com. Iver Johnson 1911A1 Eagle Zombie Railed 8+1 . The serial numbers match on the forearm iron, forearm wood, barrel, and action. e. It has a 2" barrel. The serial number was 1613. Anybody have any other info on this? Presidential assassin Leon Czolgosz who assassinated United States President William McKinley at the Temple of Music in Buffalo, New York on September 6, 1901 with an Iver Johnson . Iver Johnson Safety Automatic in . General Specs: Iver Johnson, Year 1933-35, . there is no known source for IJ serial number . 22 M1 Iver Johnson --- really: wb2001: M1 Carbine: 5: 09-10-2006 01:37 PM: Iver Johnson enforcer: pktrkt: M1 Carbine: 12: 04-05-2005 08:05 PM: Iver-Johnson AMAC (50 BMG) suasponte: Semi Auto: 0: 03-13-2005 08:17 PM: Iver Johnson Folder: Tupelo_hill: M1 Carbine: 6: 03-13-2005 01:13 AM Iver Johnson was a U. See — AMAC. 38 More Iver Johnson died in 1895, and his sons took over the business. J. The bore is decent with good visible rifling, the cylinder advance teeth are still sharp. ATF records indicate 4,524 Enforcers were manufactured/sold between 1978 and 1981. the main serial number location is on the left side of the grip frame under the one piece grip. Other than a chipped butt plate the gun in in mint condition. Jan 21, 2012 · I am conducting historical research on an Iver Johnson Safety Automatic Hammerless Second Model. Universal changed their receiver design in 1967 starting with s/n 100,000. Iver Johnson 66 Trailsman . If you have a Universal M1 Carbine, especially one with a SN in the transition ranges listed below, or examples that don't fit the range, please send the following info to blood. Serial Number Lookup. On the top rib of the barrel is the stamp: IVER JOHNSON'S ARMS & CYCLE WORKS FITCHBURG. Some of these double barrel shotguns have been seen with Canadian marking, these were most likely shipped to Canada and then marked as there is no evidence that Iver Johnson’s Arms & Cycle Works ever had a manufacturing factory in Canada. 32 caliber Safety Automatic revolver (serial number 463344). Serial number FG11690. T BARKER BLACKFIELD BLACK IMPROVED BURACK CHALLENGER Iver Johnson . Iver Johnson made several 19th century black powder models. Date of Manufacture I have a Iver Johnson top break safety auto with the manufacture code of Q61981, found under the grip. 38 revolver Sort by Featured Best Selling Alphabetically, A-Z Alphabetically, Z-A Price, low to high Price, high to low Date, new to old Date, old to new Oct 17, 2013 · There are still a lot of differing opinions regarding the general quality, fit and function ( ranging from excellent to downright dismissal ), and I suspect this is due partly to confusion over the name changes that have taken place over time ( Iver Johnson, Iver Johnson’s Arms, Iver Johnson’s Arms & Cycle Works ), as well as corresponding Iver Johnson did not make carbines till after the company acquired the Plainfield Machine Co. It is L73161. 32, . 38s&w Make: Iver Johnson Model: Trailsman 66 Serial Number: K 8666 Year of Manufacture: 1971-1978 Caliber: . In good condition what would its aprox. Cannot be made to fire. Recently purchased a U. Iver Johnson M1 carbine: smokin joe: M1 Carbine: 4: 12-05-2006 09:29 PM. Company has produced a wide variety of firearms during its existence. Weapon serial number A0009 was issued to USMC Captain Robert Hugo Dunlap, of Monmouth, Illinois, and he carried it into combat in the battle for Iwo Jima, beginning 19 February 1945. The serial number is 174 and matches on the bolt as well. Established in 1883 in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. 32 s&w short serial number 98976, iver johnson 32, pat pend, iver johnson 38 serial numbers, iver johnson apr 6 1886 pat. A. The Outsider Movie Download In Hindi 720p. SERIAL NUMBERS AND DATES OF MANUFACTURE FOR IVER JOHNSON Sep 25, 2009 · What is an Iver Johnson Revolver with serial number C76058? it is a brake away pistol with 5 shots Asked in Winchester Firearms , Iver Johnson Firearms , Colt Pistols and Rifles Oct 16, 2008 · What is the value of an Iver Johnson Magnum 22 caliber revolver serial number K58618? The value of an Iver Johnson Magnum 22 caliber revolver would be dependent upon a number of factors. I have an old Iver Johnsons revolver that I would like to find out a little about, caliber etc. In stock (Only 2 left!) Purchase Now » View Details ». Year of Manufacture: 1982-1989. Ammo By Caliber. Type is traditional single and double action revolver with roll out cylinder and hammer nose firing pin ignition. Jun 30, 2012 · As the title reads, this is a rare 7 shot (most were 9) old Iver Johnson. 2 KB. Mod. I think I want to keep it for a while but would like to fire it. Iver Johnson Champion 12 Gauge Serial Number -> DOWNLOAD. IVER JOHNSON ARMS & CYCLE WORKS. E. Iver Johnson started out in 1871 as Johnson Bye & Co. Post that and I will dig out the book and look it up. The serial number on the left side under the grip is R66195. and only found 1 iver Johnson there! it was a 20 ga in . Type. Stamped on the frame. Target Mod. Feb 26, 2018 · None of the numbers should match. The serial number is 96642. Sirhan Sirhan shot and killed Presidential candidate United States Senator Robert F. Serial number (F35039) indicates that it was made in 1897-1899 time frame. U. Lovell Arms Co. 9 KB. The serial number on the bottom of the trigger guard and under the release for the barrel is 66195 On the bottom of the grip frame it has Pat. ” Johnson’s serial numbers consisted of a variety of different formats over the years, including all numbers, numbers with a letter (or two) as a prefix and even all letters. Find the greatest deals on firearms and accessories at BudsGunShop. Light, crisp, and no creep. Location: Iowa. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ If you looking for special discount you need to searching when special time come or holidays. The above illustration taken from an original Iver Johnson catalog dating about 1950, with part names converted to actual part numbers. Safety automatic revolvers of the second model - Particulars of the second model - Iver Johnson enterprise - J. mr. Iver Johnson produced firearms under various names and owners form 1871 until 1993. Many of the older models can be very misleading, as the Iver Johnson brand may not appear on the gun at all. FIREARMS MADE AFTER 1898 TO PRESENT , GUN BOOKS, AMMO & GUIDES Iver Johnsons, The American and so forth. serial number K22679 was manufactured in 1942 or after the war in 1947. I have a champion iver johnson 12 gauge single shot shotgun with a serial number with 25584 stamped on the lug and on the barrel side of the metal plate on the forestock, and TGIF stamped behind the trigger guard. ly/2uvuA9K Dec 02, 2010 · A family friend gave me an Iver Johnson revolver. Iver Johnson may have started their Enforcer s/n's where Plainfield left off (highest Plainfield Enforcer seen so far is PP524, lowest Iver Johnson seen so far is BA006xx). (That is, with 1898 or earlier frame production. IVER JOHNSON'S  Iver Johnson's most successful years in producing hundreds of thousands of consistent serial numbers (Gun Control Act of 1968) so serial numbers were for 20 Apr 2013 Well, it's probably an Iver Johnson Safety Automatic, and if you have some On the top of the barrel rib there is a serial number, which usually  I have an Iver Johnson serial number I 33714 I'm trying to find out the model production year and any other info I can get on it. ) With Colt and S&W-made guns, it is a simple matter of knowing a “cut-off” serial number for each model, to precisely know the 1898 to 1899 transition. Then in 1902 they bought part of the Forehand Arms Co. firearms, bicycle, and motorcycle manufacturer from 1871 to 1993. They made in excess of 5 million revolvers between 1871 and 1917, more than Colt, Smith and Wesson and Remington combined. ” The left side of the exposed portion of the grip frame is marked “EE09793”. You really need the serial number & letter to establish age. The Aug 24, 2012 · I have an Iver 30 revolver serial number on the bottom of I have an Iver Johnson 30 revolver serial number on the bottom of the frame - 13442. Dec 29, 2017 · Serial number 7546. Can I get some more info? Close. Estate of the Late John D. It is an ejector gun and the ejectors don't work. The gun came with and has been fired with “. It doesn't look like standard grips I see on most models which is one of the reasons I picked it up. The triggers excellent. 86. I called the current Iver Johnson Arms company in Florida and they could not offer any info on the gun. D-798 <•> 6/ tf í'í Vi t : t: tí iV'ul 11 l! ¡ I »7 íl t i rT : i i ! 01 * l ! '» 'í V No. Prior to World War II, U. what is this gun worth - Optics questionFans of Iver johnson champion shotguns, . However, your number from the trigger guard doesn't mean much. This is written on top of the barrel, Iver Johnson Works & Cycle Arms Fitchburg, Mass USA. image-1581095507. 25 ACP. It is a 32 caliber. The serial number on a supershot is under the grips on the left side and has a letter before the number. View All Iver Johnson Nov 01, 2014 · Want to verify the manufacture date of an Iver Johnson Safety Hammer Model I'm refinishing. It has a crosshatch pattern on the barrel release. This is Does the gun have a serial number and please describe its condition of our information about Iver Johnson Champion shotgun markings was  I think practically the other thing we can do as a group is to collect pictures of bicycles and record their serial numbers. Pachmayr grips. Goforth. Serial numbers are unique to firearms manufactured by a single maker, but not ultimately unique. Between 1909 and 1957, Iver Johnson – known for their inexpensive handguns – made a shotgun they named “Champion. Some of Oct 25, 2013 · Iver Johnson production dates by serial number Based solely on data collected from Bill Smith’s posts on the Wheelmen webpage I have constructed a timeline for Iver Johnson serial numbers. iver johnson & cycle works . 00. Has Iver Johnsons arms & cycleworks Fitchburg, MASS, USA engraved on sight radius over barrel. "iver johnson single barrel serial numbers. Iver And Johnson Topbreak Small Frame Pistol Grips Graphite Plastic With Screw. jpg File size: 30. Hammer Mod. Aug 03, 2013 · Phorum :: Shotguns :: iver johnson single barrel serial numbers. Drift out trigger pin 21 and remove trigger 20 with lifter 25 , lever 23 , and springs 22, 24. This item is quite nice product. As was said Iver Johnson shotguns were made for the Hardware Store trade and were mostly sold to farmers who couldn't afford a more expensive gun. Iver Johnson Arms 1911A1COYOTETAN Johnson 1911A1 5" MSRP: $630. Average value of a first model with a four digit serial number right now today is $150 t0 $250. Temple of Music in Buffalo, New York on September 6, 1901 with an Iver Johnson . APR. With the grips removed, the serial number on the left side (normal operation) of the frame is R4827. Model. short rounds. On subguns another person is trying to sell a Paratrooper Iver Johnson with a folding stock. 32 cal. 593 . Posted by and tried to find info on it but it doesn't have a second serial number under the Hunting dog etching on the left side of the frame. 744 . That would place the 600,000th bike near the beginning of 1941. and operated as Iver Johnson Sporting Goods. com Iver Johnson Firearms Questions: There is not a lot of information available about individual models of firearms that Iver Johnson manufactured. ray chatigny i now have the key to these letters. 87. Iver Johnson Shotgun @View products "Today, if you do not want to disappoint, Check price before the Price Up. The serial numbers have no letters, matched sets on trigger guard and barrel: 37046 Ned Fall wrote: Ever since our resident Iver Johnson expert, Mr. The serial number is under the trigger guard (31965). and in 1891 the name was changed again to Iver Johnson's Arms & Cycle Works. Among the postings on that site, Mr. All the metal needs to be blued, stock needs to be replaced, and the top lever does not return on it's own. View All Iver Johnson Dec 24, 2013 · The serial number is under the trigger guard (31965). In 1900 they bought the John P. 22 Barrel Catch Screw $3. Manufacturer was Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle Works of Fitchburg, MA. Serial numbers were not recorded at the time, so I cannot furnish a better date of manufacture. 26" Barrel - choke not marked. 6. Great firing condition. Frederick (born 10/2/1871), John (born 6/26/1876), and Walter's (birth date unknown), had vastly different levels of involvement in the company ranging from executive leadership to barely any involvement at all. It has honest wear, and nice patina. Last patent date on the barrel is 1905 so this is the Police Posite first issue. There is no indication it is made by Iver Johnson, but a little searching around leads one to that conclusion. Jan 04, 2019 · One difficulty for collectors is knowing which Iver Johnson revolvers are legally antique, per federal law in the United States. Break open top, has two prongs that latch. Oct 25, 2013 · I have an old Iver Johnson with the serial number up at the top of the seat post. 410 bore are . FEB. and the Serial Number “B31189” above and slighly in front of the right side trigger guard. Iver and Johnson Cycle works revolver. PresidentWilliam McKinley in Buffalo, New York on September 6, 1901 with an Iver Johnson . So I am assuming it was made somewhere between 1909 and 1919. The one quirk I find interesting is that this gun has a serial number and all major parts of it are serial numbered ( stock, forend wood and metal, butt plate and the barrel). Jan 20, 2018 · This particular gun is a Model 2, first variation, made in 1896. SERIAL NUMBERS AND DATES OF MANUFACTURE FOR IVER JOHNSON. Choose Your Serial Number Rebate Available Price Match Request View All Fireams. D-798 No. It is a US REVOLVER with serial #15008 stamped under the trigger and under the grips as well. 38 owl head pistol iver johnson and cycle works fitchburg massviews value iver johnson & cycle works . Company has produced a wide variety Feb 13, 2019 · Three Iver Johnson Safety Automatic Revolvers and a Harrington & Richardson American Double-action Revolver, early 20th century, Iver Johnson serial numbers 109, 6088, and 67348, . I would think he would rather sell it (if it's worth anything) then keep. Oct 13, 2014 · Most older Iver Johnson's only have part of the serial exposed. Everywhere i have checked Iver Johnson never made a M2. , in 1883 the name of the company was changed to Iver Johnson & Co. 32 s&w short serial number 98976 iver johnson 32, pat pend Iver Johnson for sale on eBay. Oct 17, 2013 · The Iver Johnson company doesn’t get much respect or recognition these days, but they made a staggering number of generally very good, inexpensive handguns for many decades. chatigny started at during the 1940's and 1950's iver johnson used letters only in the serial numbers on their single barrel Champion shotguns. In fact, among collectors and researchers who have the benefit of hindsight, Iver-Johnsons, such as the 1915 Model 15-7 along with , are the finest examples of motorcycle engineering The markings observed on the receiver ring of the Iver Johnson carbines in this sequence were Universal Firearms markings used 1966-1967 (serial numbers 88000-127000). 82266 Hlqht hand photo In N«. during the 1940's and 1950's iver johnson used letters only in the serial numbers on their single barrel Champion shotguns. Iver Johnson Arms, Inc. PAT'D. The Owl's head buttplate is there. The AA in the serial number means the carbine was a standard model. Aug 03, 2013 · during the 1940's and 1950's iver johnson used letters only in the serial numbers on their single barrel Champion shotguns. 22 Barrel Catch $13. I am trying to interpret some information concerning the serial number. 7 Aug 2011 Single top latch, 100'000 were manufactured in 1894, serial number without letter prefix, marked on the top of the barrel rib. My local paper has one of these for sale at $400. Parts List and Diagrams 16. Serial # Manufacturer. Iver Johnson Shotgun You will not regret if check price. The s/n's of rejected receivers were probably not reused. (I had to remove it) The serial number is I 18122. One importer may assemble guns of the same caliber and serial number from different misleading, as the Iver Johnson brand may not appear on the gun at all. 410 Gauge, 6lbs 8oz, LOP 14", DAH 2 7/8", DAC 1 3/4" Serial Number: 2218E In the world of vintage American doubles, the . Marked on the top of the barrel rib is "IVER JOHNSON'S ARMS & CYCLE WORKS FITCHBURG. From its D4000 range serial number, it was manufactured in 1956 or 1957. Iver Johnson Arms 1911A1 Water Moccasin Johnson GIJWM MSRP: $690. Iver Johnson was by far the most prolific producer of handguns in the pre WWI era. 410 bore Iver Johnson 16 gauge shotgun, 32 in. 4 Click for more info The serial number on a supershot is under the grips on the left side and has a letter before the number. 32 rimfire cartridges, Thanks to John Blood for providing the serial number info. I've also heard that the earlier models were better quality, and used more USGI parts. 410 and am wondering what you think it would cost to restore. If at the time will discount more Savings So you already decide you want have Iver Johnson 410 Shotgun Serial Numbers for your, but you don't know where to get the best price for this Iver Johnson 410 Shotgun Serial Numbers . 00 |. It's in . Your serial number should have an L prefix and the number seems to place it's date of manufacture as 1936 (L13651 - L14900) I have a Iver Johnson Top Break 5 shot hammer gun. thanks to the help of a former employee of iver johnson mr. Oct 31, 2019 · Presidential assassin Leon Czolgosz shot and fatally wounded U. Get Cheap Iver Johnson Shotgun Serial Number Lookup for Best deal Now!! Iver Johnson Serial. ” This is an IVER JOHNSON,, SUPERSHOT MODEL 844 in 22 caliber. Numbers Shotgun. 32 short, revolver. barrel, serial number 61908; FFL, Permit, or NICS background check required. 32 and . In 1915 they were incorporated as Iver Johnson's Arms and Cycle Works Inc. 54016. I just did a little surfing on GunsInternational, and apparently, just like J. Location: Middlesex, New Jersey. Your carbine was made in New Jersey at the old Plainfield plant. ttomtucker, 8 years ago Iver Johnson Arms, Inc. Posted by: Anonymous User (IP Logged) Date: January 07, 2009 10:36AM. I have an Iver Johnson Skeeter 20 gauge in on approval. Stevens Arms & Tool Co. The serial number is 4671. Serial number A15589 on the bottom of hand grip. A:   Your Iver Johnson single-barrel shotgun was made between 1891 and 1919. MASS. RS63 Antique pistol parts only. Hard to tell for sure. The “cheap” image of the brand has largely prevented a significant collector appeal, and in turn a lack of good research or documentation. In other words if the serial number starts with an A or B, they wont have the info. 22 Long Rifle Action Type: Single and Double Action Top-Break Revolver with Hand Ejection Markings: The left side of the barrel is marked “TRAILSMAN 66 / 22 CAL. 32 Smith & Wesson centerfire 2nd variation and made at the end of 1896 when the production stoped and had the single top post latch. 22 Barrel $89. Action Type: Traditional Double Action Semi-Automatic (DA/SA) with Removable Magazine. 12 Jul 2017 However, have you seen a serial “number” that is all letters instead? Well, that's exactly what Iver Johnson did at one point in its history. I know is no conversion as far as I can tell. Concentrating on the firearms, mainly the revolvers, you'll be tutored on all the pertinent information the educated Iver-Johnson collector needs in pursuit of his or Iver Johnson's arms & cycle works firearms 1871-1993 by W. All the visibile parts are there but I haven't taken the forearm apart. MAY 10. SHOP NOW. By the time the 50th anniversary model was made the company had moved twice and been sold once. 3 Want to read; Published 2006 by Gun Show Books Publishing in Hudson, WI. " Iver Johnson Shotgun compare prices . 25. The Iver Johnson SuperShot revolver was modified in the mid-50's to include a smooth cylinder, and pear shaped barrel profile and became the Mdl. This one at the Cabelas in Billings looks pretty nice. ” The right side of the barrel is marked “IVER JOHNSON’S / FITCHBURG, MASS. Sep 21, 2013 · Last Patent Nov. Functions well, closes tight, bore is about 75%, wood is also about 75% and bluing has turned brown patina. Light surface rust in spots but nothing major. Jul 27, 2018 · The serial number is 9 777 6. Iver Johnson Arms Inc . The explanation of this is; The serial numbers for the 22 Supershot Sealed Eight started in 1932 with L1 and had reach L26600 by the end on 1941. I promise you will have the best experience with me. The only markings are "22 Supershot" on the 6" raised rib barrel, and a serial number of K1185. , Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle Works started out making their doubles with mono-block barrels and later changed to chopper lump. I was told there's a fella that haunts this particular forum who is an expert on Iver Johnson died in 1895. 24 Dec 2013 I believe I have an Iver Johnson . Revolver. Specifications for Iver Johnson’s Arms & Cycle Works Handguns, 17. 527 Sight, Front (threaded) Iver Johnson's Arms and Cycle Works Middlesex, NJ ( . Fyrberg cylinder retainer. I do not know if IJ used a continuous run of serial numbers are duplicated them for different models of revolvers they made. 32 s&w (poss 32 long, they fit - I didn't try to fire) the only serial number on the pistol is 4721 and can be found under the trigger guard and / or under the walnut grips. Iver Johnson Carbine???? This is a discussion on Iver Johnson Carbine???? within the Steel and Wood forums, part of the Rifle Forum category; M1 CARBINE 30 CALIBER RIFLE, IVER JOHNSON . Ford. Its a Small Frame Safety Automatic Hammer First Model. Iver Johnson Catalog Project In an attempt to better understand year-to-year changes in Iver Johnson bicycles, I've asked those of you with catalogs to submit them for posting in this collection as an archive accessible always to the Iver Johnson bicycle enthusiast. 21 Jan 2015 Iver Johnson Model 1900 . Iver Johnson . - First Model of the "Hammerless" Safety Automatic line - Markings and serial numbers - Serial numbers by year (large and small frame Hammer & Hammerless) - A. The action is perfect, . with John P Lovell as President. 95. Shotshells in . Remove the grip and look on the frame to see if the number (usually with a letter prefix) is there. Iver Johnson Arms M1 Carbine I've never owned one, but from being around here for many years, I've heard there was a problem with some of the later models firing 'out of battery'. This is a discussion on Iver and Johnson Cycle works revolver within the Pistols & Revolvers forums, part of the Pistol & Revolver Forum category; Hey guys, a friend of mine has a Iver and Johnson Cycle Works revolver and would like to find more info on it. I would info about it and what calber it is. Its a cadet 55-SA model and has 38 cal. Only Iver Johnson written on the barrel. 743 ihould bo at bottom ol paqo; kytfc would be CMrt«t asra::, No. Iver Johnson 1900 Double Action. 38 super or what, also not sure on the age. P. " cheapest Iver Johnson Serial . Iver Johnson 410 Shotgun Serial Numbers BY Iver Johnson 410 Shotgun Serial Numbers in Articles If you find product , Deals. Smith identified the year of manufacture for several Iver Johnson bicycles based on their serial numbers. 22 or . Views: 847. chatigny started at The serial number was located underneath the left grip. jpg File size: 31. I have an Iver Johnson Champion . Jun 26, 2013 · Single top latch, 50'000 were manufactured in 1896, serial number with B letter prefix, marked on the top of the barrel rib IVER JOHNSON'S ARMS & CYCLE WORKS FITCHBURG. I would not call them scarce or rare, but they've become desirable in the last 20 years driving prices relatively high. Hey, Iver Johnson Champion Serial Number Dating this is Aaroshi, a sweet and naughty girl looking to spend a fun time with a gentleman, who is also looking to spend an erotic time. Captain Dunlap was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions in that battle, and he retained and displayed the weapon until his death in 2000. 844. 38. Serial Number: EE09793. caliber, age, value, etc. June 16 96, Aug. The model 57 was only manufactured from 1956 until 1960. Dec 31, 2019 · Manufactured in 1982 or 83 by Iver Johnson Arms in Middlesex, New Jersey, you can check the serial number. Also will it fire modern ammo. com or to maxiweb1@maxicon. Additional Makes IVER JOHNSON · JAEGER. Army Ordnance received reports that the full-size M1 rifle was too heavy and cumbersome for most support troops (staff, mortarmen, radiomen, etc. I am trying to find the manufacture date. Instead, models such as US Revolver Co. Shotshells in. Characteristics of these pistols vary widely. 410 – 97%, EJECTORS, RARE, vintage firearms inc Description: General Specs: Iver Johnson, Year 1933-35, . 38 Smith and Wesson, and thought it was antique, but it turned out Smith and Wesson didn't keep good records of that model and it was first introduced in the 1800’s but produced for lawenforcement through the 1970’s. ) to carry. Serial numbers may - Iver Johnson enterprise - J. Typing your keyword such as Iver Johnson Shotgun Serial Number Lookup Iver Johnson Shotgun Serial Number Lookup Reviews : If you're looking for Iver Johnson Shotgun Serial Number Lookup. I J Champion. President William McKinley in Buffalo, New York on September 6, 1901 with an Iver Johnson . Your Price: $511. Serial number range (xxx the last 3 digits if you want) Iver Johnson Arms Company Gun Parts; Bob's Gun Shop. john(at)gmail. Most were small caliber single-action arms which utilized either . Caliber: . See our huge selection of gun parts for sale today. 15. Jan 18, 2018 · Google is your friend, search the make, model and serial number of it, they'll find you an online gun appraiser, I had a 5shot . it is 29 numbers higher than the highest known (until now) serial number K22650. ttomtucker, 8 years ago Iver Johnson Champion 12 Guage Serial Number U 28991 Any way to determine the approximate age? Bob Iver Johnson Serial Number Database Smith relates the early history of the Iver Johnson company and gives 1890 as the year for the beginning of bicycle production. Iver Johnson Shotguns for sale and auction at GunsAmerica. Iver Johnson Serial Number Dates -> bit. Attached Files: image-1939075777. The serial number is A49065. I have confirmed this much about the revolver. 31 Jul 2014 I was reading a discussion about Iver Johnson, and scared the heck The AA in the serial number means the carbine was a standard model. 38 cal pistol, iver johnson arms and cycle works revolver, 6 barrel, iver johnson ij double action barrel length, iver johnson patd apr 6. No serial number would put it being manufactured before 1968. Only the parts in the pics are included. 41 caliber, so this was probably made for . Iver Johnson 50, 55A, 55SA, 56A, 57A . Checkered walnut grips became the standard for this weapon in 1924. Check out sub guns Iver Johnson Gun Parts Items per page: 32 64 128 Sort By Position Name Price Rating filter Iver Johnson Firearms . It is an 8 shot, top break, double action revolver with f Item:8460014 IVER JOHNSON, MODEL 844 SUPERSHOT, 8 shot, 22 cal. Serial number 56129 B. Iver Johnson Skeeter . value be. Bill Goforth passed any information on Iver Johnson shotguns it is anyones guess. Posted by and tried to find info on it but it doesn't have a second serial number under the Side of barrel: Etching of hunting dog and Iver Johnson's Arms & Cycle works Fitchburg Mass, USA. 32 S&W” i. Mar 09, 2010 · What's a website I can look up my Iver Johnson's Serial number to see when it was made? I know from the double post notch it's either a second or third model and it has an exposed hammer. 32 S&W Nickel Double Action Revolver, C&R I think there should be a serial number under the grips, it's up to how  Then enter your serial number and model if needed or search the list of complete serial numbers for each Make. Aug 21, 2007 · 12 Gauge Champion. Kennedy in Los Angeles, California on 5 June 1968 with an eight-shot Iver Johnson . 32 S&W caliber with double top latch. Most were chambered for 22's, or 32's, but they made a pile of 38 S&W's too. Rockledge, FL 32955 321-636-3377 Mar 20, 2010 · The only stampings I can find is the Iver Johnson’s Arm Fitchburg, MA, U. Walnut butt stock and for end with plastic (or hard rubber) butt plate. Single top latch, 100'000 were manufactured in 1895, serial number without letter prefix, the difference was the cylinder retainer, marked on the top of the barrel rib IVER JOHNSON'S ARMS & CYCLE WORKS FITCHBURG. , American Bulldog, Defender, Secret Service Special, Boston Bulldog, Tycoon, and British Bulldog may be stamped on the gun. The numbers match the number found on the trigger guard, but the number under the top strap is 61980. Written in English. 45 Auto Pistol. Under the trigger guard and under the top strap it has 66195 without the R. If anyone has some info on these things, that'd be great. Markings: The left side of the slide is marked “IVER JOHNSON / MIDDLESEX, N. 60 percent original color with scattered rust. 86 k serial, iver johnson revolver pat pending nov 17 08, Iver Johnson single shot 12 gauge Wondering if anyone can give me info on date of manufacture and maybe a price point as well as reliability on this gun. Pretty much a restore job. The trigger spring now only has one bend in it (seen left). Anything I could learn would be helpful i. 22 caliber Cadet 55-A revolver (serial number H-53725, Trial-People's Exhibit #6, misidentified in trial testimony as S/N H-18602). 44-cal. [more like this] Iver Johnson Champion Single-Shot 12 GA Shotgun: Iver-Johnson Arms & Cycle Works Firearms 1871-1993 is an enlightening dissertation, detailing one of America's premier (but little known) firearms manufacturers and their arms. Among Iver Johnson’s finest work was the Supershot Sealed Eight, a series of large-frame, top-break . Iver Johnson made bicycles and firearms - mostly revolvers - and closed down finally in 1993. U. If you searching to check on Serial Number Lookup price. The serial number of this revolver is L1, this serial number dates it to the post 1955 era. Who was making these guns and putting the name Iver Johnson on the reciever. circa 1955-56, C&R ok For Sale at GunAuction. 5 shot, small solid frame revolver. Fyrberg cylinder retainer Safety automatic revolvers of the second model - Particulars of the second model On-going research on Iver Johnson handguns this research article focuses on the original Iver Johnson manufacturer from 1871 to 1993. 38 cal hammer less break over revolver 5 shot. 96. serial numbers often allow you to determine year of manufacture Knowing the year your vintage firearm was made makes it easier to decide which gun catalog we sell will give you the best information about the company, models made and more. Approximately 100,000 Iver Johnson SuperShot revolvers were produced. I was just curious if we have anyone on here that is expert in Iver Johnson shotgun history. Iver Johnson Arms Company Gun Parts; Bob's Gun Shop. Iver Johnson Protector Sealed Eight Double Action Revolver. Am I correct that it is the . . Company has produced a wide variety No. If you searching to evaluate Numbers Shotgun price. shotshells that were available during the era. 45 ACP 5" $ 741. Serial Number 63791. Iver Johnson bicycle  Browse all new and used Iver Johnson Revolvers for sale and buy with confidence from Guns International. This research also covers only the smokeless powder models that were in production in the 20th century. 410 bore has always been highly sought after and costly. S revolver co created by iver Johnson, some parts are worn but if parts were replaced would it be able to be fired once again. Iver Johnson eliminated the takedown button leaving only a small hole which has been moved forward on the slide from the previous position (see photo right). IVER JOHNSON FIREARMS CO Manufactured firearms under the following trade names . Left side of fore end has splinter at the top - see photo. 26. iver johnson serial numbers

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